Module PL02 - Wooden top

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Our recommendations
The tops can be multiplied in width to become a bench or a table, but also in height to create a bookcase.
Example of composition find it here.
  • Custom Tray
  • In the picture: 44 x 44 x cm
    and 220 x 88 m
  • Wood

Our modules
The LIEGE collection is entirely modular. We suggest you acquire parts already composed or imagine your custom-made piece of furniture.

Thanks to their ideal height, you just need to stack the legs (modules Pi01 and Pi02) to obtain the height of a bench, pedestal table, table, or console.

The wooden top module serves as structural reinforcement. To compose your piece of furniture: it is necessary to add one each time you use a cork top.

The size of the wooden top will depend on the number of cork modules you choose.
No screws or glue are used. The price indicated is per module.

Widths guide
1 cork module (PL01) = 1 wooden module (PL02).

Our production
One material = one manufacturer. We are proud to advocate short circuit manufacturing, 100% responsible and always in the EU.

Furniture designed in France, produced in Portugal.

The images of the furniture compositions are provided as an example. Each module is sold separately.

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Our lead times
Our parts are produced to order.
Production time: 8 to 10 weeks.
This time is likely to vary depending on the volume of orders to be processed by our manufacturers.

Delivery not included: all information can be found on our Transport page.